Saturday , 3 December 2016
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NovaKeng ” Limousine “

Nova Keng

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Weston “Run on sentence” @gimmidamike


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Land: MARV “Media And Lies” @LilMarvBoi


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Kayble: Coogi Sweater

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Land: Toobe Fresco “Let Us Dream” mixtape

Toobee Fresco

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DYT: @JayChivs “Heiroglyphics”

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CO: @DankstonXHughez “Gunzablazin” video Read More »

“Welcome 2 ThaCommonwealth”

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DYT: Flam Feeva “Wingspan 3pete” mixtape @flamborghinidyt

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Land: @machinegunkelly interview with AOL

Machine Gun Kelly, MGK

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